It?s not easy filling your father?s shoes.

The young entrepreneur had planned to go travelling. He joined his father?s second hand furniture firm to fund the trip, but pretty soon he was caught up in the buzz of business. He quickly renovated the business model, shifting from second-hand fixtures to brand-spanking new. His father took over the logistics department, an area he was particularly skilled at, and Hall was appointed managing director.

Needless to say, he never went travelling.

The company was only turning over ?150,000 when Hall took the helm. Today, that figure has exploded to ?3m. Likewise, from a bottom line that was permanently in the red, last year?s net profits have hit ?373,000 and are going to continue doubling year-on-year.

Hall even convinced his mother to join the firm, ?She refused to work with us before,? says Hall. ?Because second hand stuff?s a bit grotty. She?s an interior designer, and now all our clients are furnishing high-end apartments, so it?s a far more attractive proposition.?

But family businesses all have their stresses and strains. It wasn?t easy for Hall to supplant his father. ?It was very difficult taking over,? he says. ?Dad was very supportive but it was difficult for him to accept I was doing things differently and hand the reins over. He doesn?t like taking orders, especially not from his son! But we?ve settled into our roles now.?

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