It’s not the season to be jolly for Lord Kirkham

The millionaire peer lost the plot with a motorist in his home village of Sprotbrough in South Yorkshire in April and is currently facing trial for actual bodily harm.

As the victim, Keith Pierce, was pulling out at a junction, Kirkham’s mercedes was forced to stop. “I saw the gentleman getting out of the car and running around the back of the vehicle," says Pierce. "He was swearing. It was F-words and B-words. ‘What the effing hell do you think you’re doing’, and then he approached me. His hands were in a claw. He attacked me and went for my face.”

Pierce sustained bruised eyes and scratches over his face and exposed limbs.

Lord Kirkham founded DFS in 1983. The furniture chain currently has sales of £611m. The peer collected a £46.3m dividend last year. But money can’t cure road rage.

Lord Kirkham denies the charges and the case is ongoing.

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