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“It’s too depressing over here. I’m off to Vegas!”

Hands up if you’re bored of watching the news” I’m tired of all the doom and gloom every time I open the paper and I’m not just talking about Spurs, although they’re giving me more cause for concern at the moment than the credit crunch/global financial crisis/recession or whatever it’s called this week.

Being in the business of saving people money is pretty handy in a market where everyone is suddenly trying to slash costs. You may have noticed by now that I’m a fairly positive person, so it’ll come as no surprise that my outlook for Broadbean could still be described as "bullish".

I like the word "bullish". It means confident and optimistic. But then, depending on which definition you look at, it also means obstinate or stupid. I’ve been called both of those before.

In light of all this I’ve made a concerted effort to amuse myself this month. My tailor certainly gave me a chuckle when he whipped out a directory of insolvency practitioners he had acquired from another client. He’s going to get on the phone and drum up some business while they’re all in the mood to spend. Very entrepreneurial indeed.

Early on in the month, after reading Steve Leach’s column on bucket lists, I pulled out my own inventory-in-progress which I add to from time to time. Mine wasn’t so much a “bucket” list as a “things I want to do when I take a year off” list. I don’t want to go round the world for the sake of doing it, just to say “I’ve seen this and been there, look at all my boring photos”. I want to go to places for a reason. Among the 44 (and counting) “to-dos” are: bungee-jumping off the Zambezi Bridge; playing goat polo in Mongolia; and smoking with a Peruvian Shaman. If you haven’t got a list, start one. They’re a great way to unwind.

Mid-month I hosted a networking dinner at Coutts and invited ten of the best young business minds around. From the ‘been there, done it’ eCourier founder Tom Allason to the impressively on-the-up Mitesh Soma of Chemist Direct, the mood was noticeably good, all smiles and laughter. No one was down-heartened or had really been affected by what was going on out in the “real world”. Maybe it’s easy for us young entrepreneurs to get carried away with our own hype, or maybe (as we’d like to think) we’re all involved in businesses that are well placed to grow in a time like this. Either way it was a very pleasant evening.

Buoyed up with all this positivity, I’ve just bought myself a ticket to the Ricky Hatton fight at the MGM in November. It’s been well-documented in this magazine that I love Vegas. Where better to shut out the glum-faced naysayers and City turmoil than a town where news, time and money matters not” Not to mention another tick on my "bucket list"…

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