Name: Jacqui Hall

Age: Should you be asking a lady her age?. Okay then, I’m 48.

Company: CNG (Contract Natural Gas). We’re a commercial gas supplier.

Turnover: ?60m

First job: My very first job was a paper round at nine. You had to be ten but I lied about my age ? I needed a job.

Dream job: Prime minister.

Car: My dream car is an old-style Mercedes similar to what Grace Kelly would have driven. My actual car, a 3-series convertible BMW, is lovely too!

Economy, business or first class: Economy.

Most extravagant purchase: In all honesty, I don?t do extravagant.

Most played song on iPod: At the moment, + (Plus) by Ed Sheeran.

Best business book: Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson. 

Worst business moment: Getting a ?365,000 bill for a human error!

Proudest business moment: Achieving the MBO last year after a number of attempts. 

Business mentor: I have truly inspiring people around me. I am a member of the Alternative Board so I would say all the people involved in my board are great mentors including Tom Morton our facilitator. Rob Northfield from 2Inspire is also another great source of inspiration.

Next big thing: Maybe we should consider electricity. Do you think there could be a market for it?

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