James Layfield

Name: James Layfield

Age: 37

Company: I set up marketing agency Lounge Group in 2005, which has a £5m turnover. My latest company is Central Working, a collaborative community and working space for Britain’s SMEs and business owners.

Turnover: We started Central Working in the middle of May 2011 and we’re already making an impact. We have more than 170 entrepreneurs and leaders as part of our thriving collaborative community.

First job: I set up an egg delivery business at the age of ten. 

Dream job: Doing my own TV show, which I am currently talking to C4 about so watch this space.

Car: Why would you have a car in London” I’m all about my bike. I cycle to work, to the gym and walk into town.

Economy, business or first class: It’s got to be business class for trips lasting five hours or longer. I’m 6’3″.

Most extravagant purchase: I’m an Apple geek, so I upgrade my MacBook Air as they come out.

Most played song on iPod: I’ll be honest with you: I’ve not got a clue. Plus I’m all about Spotify and sadly it doesn’t track play count.

Best business book: Boo Hoo about the rise and fall of Boo.com.

Worst business moment: Having one of my MDs try to blackmail me into selling them the business they were running. It really does show how base some people can be.

Proudest business moment: Opening Central Working. It’s a true dream realised.

Business mentor: The owner of Myhotels, Andy Thrasyvoulou.

Next big thing: For me, it’s the launch of our Central Business Accelerator. I hope Real Business readers find it useful!

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