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Jason and Dexter Grima: “We have become synonymous with daily deals and saving money”


Brothers Jason and Dexter Grima

Role and company:

Co-founders and directors at, the largest and longest established daily deal aggregator in the UK.

Company turnover (and most recent ebitda/most relevant profitability metric):

We save consumers in the UK millions of pounds every year.

Employee numbers:


Growth forecast for the next three years:

We hope to grow our user base by 500 per cent over the coming two years. Projecting further than a couple of years is difficult as so much can happen and so many things can change.

In under 50 words, what makes your business distinctive in its marketplace:

Deal Zippy was the first daily deal aggregator in the UK. As a result we have become synonymous with daily deals and saving money for our users. Many of our regular subscribers have been enjoying using Deal Zippy since we started almost four years ago.

What’s the big vision for your business

We believe that if everyone who wanted to purchase a daily deal knew about, it’s a no brainer to sign up free of charge and take advantage of personalised deal alerts in one easy email rather than several emails direct from daily deal sites. Its our vision to become as big as possible by spreading the word, offering an incredible level of service and helping our users to save money.

Current level of international business, and future aspirations:

Currently Deal Zippy only operates in the UK. We have undertaken a lot of research and analysis for how we could grow into other markets, however at this time we are trying to focus on growing the company and improving our service in the UK.

Biggest career setback and what you learned from it:

Primary lesson learnt, never give up! We have both been involved with several start-ups in the past. As many of you reading this will know, getting involved with a start-up or indeed starting a company yourself is not for the faint hearted. If I had to pick a particular setback it would be the failure of a previous start-up we were involved with, because it is something you invest all your time, effort, money and emotion in. The lesson learnt was really more of an education, a collection of hundreds of lessons and the kind of lessons you only learn by being involved and starting a business.

What makes you mad in business today

People who dont do what they say they will do. Reputation is everything!

What will be the biggest change in your market in the next three years

If we had to predict the most likely change it would be that the daily deal travel sector will see the largest growth and we will see a migration of larger daily deal sites starting to stock products themselves rather than just facilitating the transaction between the consumer and the retailer. This way the daily deal sites stay in greater control of their reputation. Mobile will also play a huge role over the next 3 years with more and more people using their phones as a method to find, browse and purchase daily deals.

Can businesses in your sector/industry access the finance they need to grow” If not, what can be done to improve things

Having been involved with start-ups from both sides, both funding and getting funding are crucial. I believe if a concerted effort is made to get funding and the business has potential, it will get funding. Networks and introductions are the best starting point. First impressions are everything.

How would others describe your leadership style

Jason: Strong and decisive leadership, focused on details and keeping everyone I work with happy and motivated.

Dexter: My leadership style in born directly from how I like to recruit people: working with only the best people in their particular field. I am a very logical and data driven person which keeps me focused on the things that matter, making swift decisions and setting out clear and concise objectives. My role is then to keep my workforce happy, understand what makes them tick and provide all necessary support to achieve the companys goals, whilst keeping everyone firmly on track.

Your biggest personal extravagance

We are both avid cyclists. I would say it has to be our bikes.

You’ve got two minutes with the prime minister. Tell him how best to set the UK’s independent, entrepreneurial businesses free to prosper:

The key ingredients required for entrepreneurial business to prosper are time and funding, not forgetting an incredible idea and an extremely motivated individual.

The administrative burden on small businesses to comply with government regulation

is often excessive and time consuming, reducing this burden will allow entrepreneurs more time to focus on growing their business and achieving their goals. To tackle the funding issue I would propose a lower level of corporation tax for start-ups. I would also continue to provide investors with appealing tax incentives to invest in new UK businesses.


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