Jimmy Choo to float shares on the London Stock Exchange

Indeed, Jimmy Choo has explained that it’s ready “to embark on its next phase of growth”, with chief executive Pierre Denis saying: “Jimmy Choo is an outstanding business operating in one of the fastest growing segments of the luxury market. 

In recent years our talented teams have worked tirelessly to develop a focused business model with the requisite skills, innovation and investment to outperform in this category. The results speak for themselves through Jimmy Choo’s strong continued top line growth, progressive margins and cash generation. The company is a clear success story with strong momentum and I am confident that our future as a public company can only extend our reputation and position in this attractive sector.”

The intended IPO will give the company a 800m price tag. And the stake owned by JAB is estimated to reach 200m.

It has also been mentioned that Jimmy Choo will be opening ten to 15 shops a year and floating at least a quarter of the shares in the company. 

The float next month will make it the third luxury listed group in London.

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