Jo Fairley: “Control freakery gets a bad press, there’s nothing wrong with it!”

Jo Fairley and husband Craig Sams founded organic chocolate company Green & Blacks in 1991. The couple sold the firm to Cadbury Schweppes in 2005 for around £20m, netting the couple around £4m.

Jo Fairley likes to travel in style. Since selling the business, she is now brand ambassador for Green & Black’s and travels extensively. She reveals her pet hates and favourite haunts to The Times. From Helsinki to Australia, the Jo Fairley keeps detailed files on every area she has – or conceivably could – travel to. This makes her the ideal advisor on all things travel related.

Jo Fairley’s perfect hotel” "The new Langham on Portland Place. It’s incredibly glamorous."

Worst” "The Meridien in Piccadilly," she says. "When I stayed there my room was so noisy it was physically vibrating. It was unbelievable for a five-star hotel. The Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square was another ghastly experience. I was kept awake all night by an incredibly loud TV in the room next door."

And her top tip for travellers” "I mash a full size pillow into my hand luggage so I can have a great night’s sleep on any flight or just feel safe and at home."

Rad the full article on The Times website.

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