Job dissatisfaction getting worse across the UK


Job dissatisfaction is spreading across the UK like wild-fire, a YouGov survey commissioned by Oxford Open Learning found.

The survey questioned 1,282 workers aged 18 and over about how they felt regarding their jobs. Over a quarter of British workers said they were not satisfied with their current jobs, and the majority of respondents believe that they are not being paid enough for the services they provide.

But money is not the only frustrating aspect of work – 45 per cent of respondents see no hope for future career progression. This suggests that more people would be inclined to stay in their current jobs if their roles offered a chance to advance.

Other main reasons for job dissatisfaction in the UK were amounting stress; a lack of benefits; long commutes; and rifts with co-workers.

Interestingly, the younger generation seem to be happier at work. Only 23 per cent of those aged 18 to 24 said they were unsatisfied with their current occupation. This proportion rises sharply, however, to 33 per cent for 25 to 34-year-olds. 

Does the optimism right after leaving school or university fade so quickly when the realities of working life set in? Some rush into jobs unsure of what they really want to do, or because they think a better job will come along after experience.

But did you know that London and Scotland have the unhappiest amount of workers? In London, over half of respondents complained about low pay while 34 per cent cited a lack of job security. 

Workers in the North East of Britain appeared to be the happiest, with only 19 per cent finding their jobs unsatisfying.

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