Name: John Griffin

Age: 69

Company: Addison Lee

Turnover: ?105m

First job:?Articled to an accountant.

Dream job:?Manager of Arsenal FC.

Car:?Bentley?Continental GT

Economy, business or first-class: Business

Most extravagant purchase: My Bentley Continental GT.

Most played song on your iPod: “Caledonia” by Celtic Woman.

Business book:?I don?t do business books. I think they’re too simplistic ? there are no shortcuts in business, success is down to hard work.

Worst business moment:?A few years ago I had to sack a long-serving employee who couldn?t make the transition to the new technology-driven business. It was a hard decision but necessary for the business to continue to grow.

Proudest business moment:?When my two sons both chose to join the company.

Business mentor:?I admire Richard Branson ? people speak highly of him as a person and he?s got a great gift for generating free publicity which is an important skill.

Next big thing:?I have a lot of outside interests including property, iron ore, a puncture repair kit that will make spare tires obsolete, as well as a virtual world learning website for kids. I expect all of these to be very successful in the next 12 months!

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