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John Hutton: we will consider incentives to recruit young offenders

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Taking questions from 250 entrepreneurs at the second Entrepreneurs’ Summit,hosted by Real Business and the CBI, Hutton acknowledged the need forgovernment action to help employers take on disadvantaged youngsters.

Asked by Graham Palfrey-Smith, global CEO of FiveTen Group, "Would thegovernment consider tax breaks for firms employing young offenders?", Huttonresponded:

"We absolutely should recognise people who have taken a wrong turn in lifeand want to change," he said. "The sense of achievement when you aresupporting yourself and your family, and building a life for yourself isimmeasurable."

"We need to think about bringing these people back into the mainstream. Andwe should be generous supporters of those who say, ‘I’ve screwed up, but ireally want another chance.’"

Hutton admitted that tax policy is a matter for the Chancellor, but we hopethe voice of business in government will be pushing this one hard.

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