Name: John Macaulay

Age: 36

Company: The Alchemy Agency

First job: I worked on dairy in Stockport from the age of 14 right through to my university years. It was tough getting up at 2am on Saturday mornings, especially sometimes seeing my friends staggering home after a night out, but I learned the value of money.

Dream job: I’d love to be lead singer of The Stone Roses, but it looks like Ian Brown isn’t budging just yet. It would be amazing playing live and emotionally connecting with the crowd.

Car: A burnt orange 1974 Vauxhall Magnum. I’m not a big car person, but since buying the Magnum, I have fallen back in love with driving again!

Economy, business or first class: It depends who’s paying! If it’s me, I must admit, generally economy. I can’t justify large expenditure for what is only a few hours, no matter how far I’m going. 

Most extravagant purchase: A few years back I impulsively bought a holiday apartment in Bulgaria for ?32,000. I’ve spent six days there in the last seven years, so it has not been a great investment. 

Most played song on iPodAtmosphere by Joy Division 

Best business bookThe 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss ? great practical advice for becoming more efficient and living life on your own terms. 

Worst business moment: After spending three months organising a concert in Beijing for my favourite band, Puressence, the Chinese government decided to close the venue 24 hours before we were due to play. Fortunately, a local venue owner came to our aid at the last minute and show went on. 

Proudest business moment: Hard to call. It’s between taking Puressence on an unprecedented and successful tour of China with Mani from The Stone Roses; getting an MBA from Manchester Business School; delivering the world’s biggest gathering of entrepreneurs; and assembling a team of remarkable Alchemists who draw on their own inspiring life experiences to help businesses drive productivity, creativity and quality. 

Business mentor: Walli Ullah (a respected media entrepreneur). We meet once a month for coffee and the world becomes a better place!

Next big thing: For me, Manchester’s first dedicated film festival. For the world, collaborative consumption. 

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