Johnson to consult on post-Olympics London

Speaking at the CBI Business Summit, Johnson said: “I want you to know that my office is open to all your suggestions about what we should be doing to make sure that we have a lasting legacy; that we maximise the benefits to London.”

The SPV will be a “melting pot” where ideas about the future of the Olympic Park will come together. “We want to make use of your know-how and imagination to create something truly special in East London where people would like to come,” Johnson said.

Ideas he put to the audience included creating an equestrian centre, a university campus or a Hyde Park for the East End.

Johnson said while he couldn’t give details about the SPV, it will be set up “very shortly”. He noted: “Suffice to say, there will be familiar names from the private sector but it’s also vital that we involve the five Olympic host boroughs." Johnson said the boroughs have a huge role to play given it’s their legacy.

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