Jon Snow ? not that one ? likens political party leaders to Game of Thrones rulers

Ahead of the election, The Guardian interviewed actor Kit Harington, famous for his role as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. He revealed being ?fiercely socialist? as a teenager.

?My father was traditionally very Conservative and my mother very Labour, so previously I went Liberal Democrat. I don?t know how I?ll vote this time,? he said. ?I feel somewhere between Labour, the Green Party and Liberal Democrats. I was sympathetic to the way the Liberal Democrats behaved in government; they had to show the country that a coalition could work and stand up to the Conservatives. Although they did f**k people on tuition fees.?

It’s odd given that Snow’s “house” is destined to be tied with the Labour party. He should also be partial to the SNP and Plaid Cymru. At least, that’s what Jon Snow, the real one, believes.

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The Channel 4 presenter has a lot more in common with Harington’s character than just the name. The famous line, “You know nothing Jon Snow,” which is used by Game of Thrones love interest Ygritte has also been used to berate the news anchor by fans on Twitter.

His cousin, Peter Snow’s son Dan Snow, told?The Telegraph: “It’s his worst nightmare. There’s now a Jon Snow who is more famous than him. Every time he goes on Twitter, the mentions are all about the Jon in?Game of Thrones.”

With Game of Thrones in mind, presenter Snow claimed that the general election made him think of the programme and, admittedly, that the UK political parties truly had something in common with the rulers of Westeros.

Working alongside Mashable, Snow created a video that would explain the election candidates to an American.

The?Conservatives?are likened to the Lannisters, who are currently in power and obsessed with paying their debts. He insists that none of the Lannisters’ penchant for alcoholism and incest is present though.

The?Labour?party is likened with the Stark’s, albeit with no wolves.

Natalie Bennett is the Khaleesi of the Dothraki,?Daenerys Targaryen,?while Nigel Farage?is Walder Frey. Snow is also very adamant that UKIP has nothing to do with Pokemon.

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