Jonnie Shearer

Name: Jonnie Shearer

Age: 29

Company: Pussy Drinks

Turnover: ?3m next year (2012)

First job: I’ve never been an employee working for someone else. I set up a business at university trying to sell sandwiches to British Airways. ?I also dreamed up the Pussy brand while still at university and started working on it the day I left!

Dream job: F1 driver.

Car: An eight-year-old 3 series BMW Compact. It is in terrible condition having been overloaded with cases of Pussy when I started the business but I can?t bear to part with it!?

Economy, business or first class: Always economy.

Most extravagant purchase: In my down time I spend hours designing and inventing new products. My most extravagant purchase recently was ?5,000 on having a model made of a new invention.

Most played song on iPod: I?m a huge Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath fan. My favourite song is?Black Sabbath’s?”Sweet Leaf”.?

Best business book: Never read one ? and don?t plan to!

Worst business moment: Swamped in debt of over ?150,000 while having only ?2,000 in the bank. I had a week to raise some capital otherwise the business would go under. My employees just couldn?t work out why I was sweating so much in the middle of winter.?

Proudest business moment: Getting Tesco on board as a distributer of Pussy. They have been a great support for the brand.?

Business mentor: In a five-hour of meeting with American billionaire Tracy Krohn, he taught me more about business than anyone else I?ve ever met.

Next big thing: I have lots of plans but you?ll have to watch the Pussy space to find out more…

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