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JournoLink: Father and daughter combo leading the PR revolution

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03 March 2016

With succession being such a key topic in the family business world, many parents go on to work with their children. But whilst father and son firms remain far more common, there has been a rise in father and daughter combos. JournoLink is one such case and is in our Everline Future 50 2016.

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Name: JournoLink
Industry/sector: Media
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Gemma Guise, Peter Ibbetson
Location: North Yorkshire

Family business bosses are the ultimate entrepreneurs – their firms require continual innovation to grow and they need to ensure a thriving business gets passed on from one generation to the next. It’s no wonder then that firms that like to keep leadership in the family serve as a model for companies that aspire to break the mould.

Having been cited as the backbone of the UK economy, it comes as no great surprise that a firm developed by a father and daughter duo – not their first one together at that – made it onto a list championing disruption. However, it is their emphasis on helping the 5.14m SMEs across Britain that truly stands above the rest.

Ever since the battle of David and Goliath, the small have been looking for metaphorical stones to outdo bigger rivals – much like SMEs trying to find a competitive advantage through transparency, quality customer service and the ability to foster relationships.

JournoLink would be classified as one such stone, having been created on the basis that small businesses would love to get media coverage but don’t have the know how or budget to do so. 

At the same time, the concept revolves around journalists that want to find entrepreneurial business stories and spokespeople, yet struggle to find them.

But the truly clever part is that JournoLink analyses which press releases should be sent to which journalists, so that they are properly targeted at those who genuinely have an interest in them. 

Having brought PR support to over 1,350 small business owners in just 18 months, the company has proved to be a tireless champion for small businesses – a title which extends beyond the PR front as well. JournoLink has worked alongside the likes of Ignite Business Enterprise and Startup Direct, with Ibbetson also being an NED of The Start Up Loan Company.

As such, in three years time, the founders hope JournoLink will be the UK’s most recognised online PR platform for the SME market.

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