Judo Payments

Company name: 

Judo Payments

What they do: 

Pay as you go card service for SMEs

Based on the theory that over 120m transactions are lost to small businesses each year because they can’t pay by card, Judo Payments provides an affordable and easy-to-use mobile payment service which needs no extra hardware.

Jones explains: ?The combination of small retailers wishing to avoid punitive charges and their customers preferring the convenience of cards is having a detrimental effect on business. But the biggest problem is that card payment equipment has not kept pace with technology. It?s become too expensive and technically complicated for many to use, which is why there are so many small retailers who don?t take cards and prefer to stick to cash.?

By eliminating the traditional high costs of accepting card payments through mass automation Judo payments has garnered 2,000 customers since its birth in August 2012. For small firms looking to take card-payments, but who don’t want to splash out on pricey payment terminals, Judo Payments is an attractive proposition.

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