Junior Apprentice: Ryhs Rosser, you’re fired!

Fired: week three

Age: 17

Education: A level history, AS level physics, studying for A levels in English, business and French

Lives: Wales


Real Business (RB): Why did you apply for Junior Apprentice?

Ryhs Rosser: I applied because it was something that I’d always wanted to do, and I liked the programme. I also wanted the experience in the world of business to aid my university application.
RB: How did you find your time on the show”

Ryhs Rosser: It was far more challenging than expected.  Although, at the same time, it was great to have the opportunity to participate and meet Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren.
RB: So what did you think of Lord Sugar, Nick and Karren?

Ryhs Rosser: Lord Sugar is much shorter in the flesh! However, this doesn’t subtract from the influence he has on people, he’s a very impressive person. At the same time, he spoke to us in a way that made us feel comfortable.

I warmed to Nick a great deal and have enormous respect for him. It’s easy to see why he has been so successful. He also has some great facial expressions. I also think that Nick has a knack of being there, even when you don’t know that he is watching or listening.

And Karren is a very observant person who can clearly spot problems within a task. I was also pleased that she stuck up for my logic in task 1 on the location issue.

RB: Who do you think is the strongest candidate on the show?

Ryhs Rosser: It pains me to say that it could well be Zoe, but I hope that Tim wins – he’s someone that I warmed to during the process, and regardless of what was said during the task, he deserves to do well.
RB: What were your highlights of the experience

Rhys Rosser: My obvious highlight was task one, it was a task that was easy to get stuck into and also a very exciting task, especially to be in the board room. The house was also amazing, it was a taste of a life very different to my own.
RB: How do you think this experience will help you in the future

Ryhs Rosser: I learnt tremendous amounts from this process both about myself and the world of business. I also think that it has given me more confidence, and a desire to succeed that is stronger than ever.
RB: What are you doing now?

Ryhs Rosser: I am currently taking my A levels at Llanfyllin High School in French, English and business studies. 
RB: What are your hopes for your future career?

Ryhs Rosser: I’ve received a conditional university offer from Warwick to study law and business studies. Following this, I intend to become a barrister specialising in commercial law. 

RB: What would you to say to any fellow young aspiring business people Any advice

Ryhs Rosser: Be prepared for challenges that you will inevitably face, and don’t be afraid of failure – it’s part of life, learn from it. In business, always play with a straight bat. It is also important to remember that everything’s a bonus, both in life, in business, and especially in this process.
RB: What have you learnt about business from your experience on Junior Apprentice?

Rhys Rosser: That it takes a great deal of stamina and resilience to succeed. It is also essential to have the ability to be both decisive and considerate when needed.

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