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Digital publishing solutions

Kaldor is a software development company specialising in digital publishing for content owners. Its core product, Pugpig, is a hyprid mobile publishing platform for tablets and smartphones that takes structured content from an existing content management system, marries it with a set of rich templates, and delivers it through HTML5 to a tablet app.This means that once you have created your initial app framework, you can roll out new titles with minimal cost. Because you’re using HTML5 content delivery you don’t have to start from scratch each time you want to develop a new platform specific app.

An additional benefit of Pugpig is the flexibility to build on top of the framework and develop alternative revenue models. This is the engine behind a number of well-known magazine apps, including Auto Express, Men’s Fitness and Which?

At the time of writing, Pugpig powers three of the top 15 grossing apps in Apple’s news stand, and with some some high profile launches around the corner, this dominance will only increase.  

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