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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is not a rapper – 14 jobs he can do without $1bn Mark Zuckerberg investment

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There is a fierce amount of talent in the Kardashian-West household, it seems. A March study found that reality TV star Kim Kardashian has had more impact on the tech industry than any other woman, according to 64 per cent of Brits.

Prior to that, a separate report in December 2015 found the selfie-loving tech pro was placed third by UK students in a ranking of the top eight business role models. Kardashian came ahead of the likes of Karren Brady, Tim Cook and Larry Page.

With that particular industry sewn up, husband Kanye West appears to be looking for a change of career.

You may recall his February funding plea to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to “invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas” – and help him out of $53m debt.

With Zuckerberg in ownership of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, West went rogue and sought the capital via enemy network Twitter.

Bet Jack Dorsey was both miffed and relieved.

West modestly used a series of follow-up tweets to serve as his CV in an attempt to lure in Zuckerberg.

Indeed. You can never have too much dope shit.

While West can often be found dumping his thoughts on Twitter these days, the star hasn’t actually crossed the 800 tweet threshold yet, even though he joined back in July 2010. Formerly social media-shy, it’s only really been 2016 that has seen him ramp up his activity.

West has been eager to push his fashion line on the social network, and has even declared he is no longer a rapper – despite aggressively promoting his new music – and claimed he is proud as an entrepreneur.

To that end, we’ve acted as career advisor for West, using his tweets as a CV to decide the working paths he has the ability to walk down. You may even find yourself feeling inspired and ready to join him on a new journey.

14 alternative job roles for Kanye West:

(1) The business mentor

(2) The store manager

(3) The teacher

In case you’re wondering, the #2020 hashtag is a reference to his plan to run for president.

(4) The negotiator

(5) The care assistant

(6) The analyst

(7) The personal shopper

Read more on celebrities in business:

(8) The construction worker

(9) The relationship counsellor

(10) The event manager

(11) The social worker

(12) The film critic

(13) The handyman

(14) The life coach

Well, you heard the man – enjoy!

While catering may not have made it as a career option for West, a handful of celebrity chefs have been recruited by a luxury leisure firm to produce exclusive dinners.

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