Kate Moss is an entrepreneur?


The word on the street is she has been recognised for her Topshop clothing line. The award was one of six voted for directly by readers.

Ms Moss wasn’t at the “glittering” awards ceremony in London (Lily Allen was there and everything); instead bona fide entrepreneur and Topshop head honcho Philip Green accepted the accolade on her behalf – via video link from the US.

Where to begin…

Firstly, Kate Moss is not an entrepreneur. She is a designer, and barely one at that if her typical day in the office is anything like Green predicted when he first announced the Moss-Topshop collaboration.

“She will come in for a few hours every other day or so, set the inspiration for the line, and then our designers will interpret that,” Green is reported to have said. “She knows what the trends are, she likes shopping and she will provide the ethos as to where we should position the line. She will be in the engine room helping to steer the collection.”

Secondly, shame on Glamour Magazine for perpetuating the myth that Kate Moss is a member of the entrepreneurial community. Previous winners of this category are Victoria Beckham (barely passable) and Elizabeth Hurley (slightly more palatable) but the rag has really lost its way this year.

A cynic would say Moss was awarded the prize in the hope that she would come along to collect it, thus increasing the number of mentions in the press about the event the following day. But couldn’t Glamour have created another award to get Moss in the room? The magazine awarded prizes for such things as TV personality (Dannii Minogue), Comedy Actress (Joanna Page), Theatre Actress (ahem, Kelly Osbourne), Film Actress (Kate Beckinsale, *cough* *cough*) – why not create a Model section? Or name Moss Man of the Year instead of Mark Ronson. It would have been just as appropriate.

The irony is that Tamara Mellon – the entrepreneur behind the giddying success of the Jimmy Choo brand – was named best Accessories Designer. Couldn’t Glamour have swapped the winners of the two categories around?

There obviously needs to be some sort of education campaign on entrepreneurialism if the readers of Glamour Magazine (or indeed the staffers of Glamour Magazine) think Kate Moss qualifies as an entrepreneur.

I put it to you that every man, woman and child in this country, no matter what colour or creed, and even readers of Glamour, should be able to distinguish between a supermodel designing clothes, and a business man or woman. They should know the difference between someone who looks pretty and who comes up with stuff we can wear to make us look pretty, with someone who is generating wealth and creating jobs; someone who is helping to propel Britain forward.

I can’t help but feel Real Business has failed. I know this wasn’t our fault but part of me feels we could have done more to teach Glamour Readers et al about entrepreneurs. However, I take solace in the fact there’s always next year.

Watch out, Kate.

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