Name: Ken Primrose

Age: 50 

Company: Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS)

Company turnover: ?1.3m 

First job: I began my working life conducting pollution research for Courtaulds.

Dream job: Jazz impresario.

Car: Hybrid bicycle.

Economy, business or first class: Economy (I am Scottish!)

Most extravagant purchase: This would have to be my Ena coffee machine or the Renny Tait painting I treated myself and my wife to.

Most-played song on your iPod: “Crossroads” by Cream.

Best business book: Competing for the Future by Hamel & Prahalad.

Worst business moment: It was several years back, when I left it a little too long before I confronted a staff issue. If I?d have tackled it sooner, I feel I would have nipped it in the bud rather than letting it become bigger than it should have been.

Proudest business moment: There isn?t one moment in particular ? commercialising leading-edge technology is my proudest business achievement. ITS began as a UMIST incubator company and now works across six different continents. Knowing how far we have come makes me proud.

Your business mentor: This varies from month to month, depending on what situation I find myself in and which tasks I have to face. 

Next big thing: Our exciting new technology, known as industrial process tomography, creates images of industrial processes in hard to reach places, such as a pipeline or radio active or toxic environments. It’s going to be huge!

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