Kite: The British technology that’s now on 50m devices worldwide

(6) How do you market to so many countries whilst keeping the offering the same

We market to, and partner with, large print companies and mobile apps that are international by nature. By integrating into these companies we naturally get access to a global audience who buy and send printed products worldwide.

(7) How have you gone about raising investment, and what are your tips for doing so

Like anything, it’s about building relationships. We have a great relationship with Black Ocean and met them long before we took investment from them. Our visions were aligned which made it easier for them to understand what they were investing in. Combine that with a team that have a track record in delivering great products and you’re on to something. The biggest unknown was whether we could turn our products into a sustainable business which is where we are at today.

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(8) What was it like pivoting from B2C to B2B?

It was a natural progression for us. We looked at what business models gave us wider reach, better penetration and solved a common challenge for large players then we proved it could be done and rolled it out as a B2B service. I feel there is way more to come and that our services will be extended much further to solidify our value proposition as an ecommerce mobile platform.

(9) What are your plans for the future

Kite is dedicated to becoming the global-leader in bringing digital images to life, by continuing to partner with best-in-class apps and leading brands across the world. We believe print offers users a tangible way to cherish their moments, whilst adding a growing and sustainable revenue stream to businesses. Our goal is to be the gold standard print technology provider of choice.

(10) What could be done to smartphones to make you life easier

Better batteries!Really though, I feel the smartphone is a fantastic gateway tool for the Internet of Things. It allows us to contextually connect with things like your car, home, office and retailers to get exactly what you need when and how you want it.

By securely passing information (when you want to of course) you can seamlessly action many things that make sense. For example, unlock and start your car, change room temperature, turn off lights when you leave a room or walk straight through passport control seamlessly could make life a little simpler.

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