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No-gimmick augmented reality

Kudan creates augmented-reality apps spanning digital market strategy, 3D and graphic design and computer vision. It uses its own augmented reality technology.

One amusing application is the firm’s augmented reality ?DJ? app, which turns cereal boxes into a mixing deck. The app recognises not only the shape of the cereal boxes, but how they are orientated, and creates a track based on this. This can be ‘remixed’ by the user by manipulating the boxes. Tip a box onto its side or upside down and it plays a different beat; move a box closer to the camera to increase that beat’s volume; and, perhaps most impressively, tilt the box’s front away from the camera to add distortion.

Kudan is doubling revenue year-on-year and has partnered with the leading advertising agencies in the UK, US and Japan. No question it has the products to make a big impact.

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