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Labour damage: Gordon’s Greatest Hits

Are they doing this to help businesses out or to keep insolvencies figures as low as possible to improve their chances in the forthcoming election?

I think it is a bit of both.

Labour has introduced the Business Payment Support Service, which allows businesses to come to a reasonable payment arrangement to meet tax bills owed to the HM revenue.

This has provided relief to struggling businesses but the financial problems could become critical when this debt catches up with them and they have to pay this deferred tax to the HM Revenue.

This is when we'll see the real GDP figures and may then find that we are not actually out of the recession after all.

Meanwhile, the gap between Brown and Cameron is apparently "narrowing" but I'm not convinced. There are 6m state workers who don't want to vote for change seeing as they have the life of riley in their cushy jobs with great pensions. 

They know that, no matter what mistakes they make, their jobs will be secure under a Labour administration.

It just goes to prove where this government's employment priorities lie. 

It's definitely not with the entrepreneurial private sector, which is filled with creative and hard-working people who want to build their own prosperous future but are strangled by red tape and a spiralling amount of tax. 

It is very worrying to think that these 6m people and their spouses amount to a very large proportion of the approximate 26m votes that could be cast in the next general election.

The power held by a self-interested public sector puts entrepreneurship at risk. There has got to be a change of government if small and independent businesses are to survive and grow.   

Just look at the damage Labour has done over the past 13 years (known as "Gordon's Greatest Hits"). His mistakes have resulted in a loss of £1,287bn.  This is the equivalent of a massive £50k per family if you take into consideration stealth taxes, the botched gold sale and our immense national debt. 

However, if you include the increased National Insurance payments and a reduction in tax allowances for small businesses, that figure could get a lot worse.

I dread to think how much more damage they could do if they were in power for another four years.




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