Labour?s apprenticeship website is a ?gimmick?

“I’ve just seen the latest unemployment figures and I’m livid!” says Mullins, who has been fixing other people’s toilets since he was 12. “More than 12 per cent of 18-24s are out of work. The government’s apprenticeships campaign fronted by Sir Alan Sugar has reportedly cost £2.8m, with figures suggesting that, so far, the scheme has seen only one apprentice hired for every 25 vacancies. I’m no economist, but £2.8m is enough to pay 14,000 apprentices for a year."  Mullins himself completed a four-year apprenticeship before starting up Pimlico Plumbers. “This is not a political issue, it is vital for the future of our economy and our workforce,” he continues. “We came up with a simple idea of using Job Seekers’ Allowance to fund apprenticeships, which we sent to the government. So far, we’ve been ignored.”

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