Lack of opportunity is main reason for poor staff retention

Research by HR service company Penna found that lack of opportunity , rather than pay, was the biggest reason (20 per cent) for individuals to leave organisations over the past 12 months. A third of employers had also seen an increase in resignations in the same period.

The survey found that career conversations were only taking place on an annual basis in a small majority of businesses (51 per cent), and that only a quarter of managers who conduct them were trained to do so.

Bev White, managing director of Career Services at Penna Plc, said: Having conversations annually is not enough for career development starved individuals that are keen on getting their chosen career path back on track. If the managers holding those conversations arent trained either, it may be a less than productive meeting.

“For Generation Y and C as well, we know that frequent conversations about their career progression are desirable so businesses need to consider how to build in regular informal catch ups with constructive feedback.

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