Landmine disposal company smashes crowdfunding target

Disarmco raised the money, ?30,000 more than its target, from 126 investors on equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube.

It will use the money to further develop its Dragon Torch product, a pyrotechnic device which they say can safely dispose of mines and other unexploded ordnance.

CEO and co-founder Arpana Gandh said: ?There are so many people living in conflict and post-conflict countries who face daily dangers due to anti-personnel mines, IEDs and other stockpiled or abandoned explosive ordnance.

?We want to support charity workers, NGOs and commercial organisations to make their jobs easier and safer through more effective and lower cost technology.?

?Unfortunately, many of the investors and VCs we approached in the past were either very cynical or risk-averse about investing in what we see as life-saving and life-changing technology.?

Darren Westlake, CEO and co-founder of Crowdcube, said: ?We are incredibly proud to be supporting Disarmco and delighted to see that they have exceeded their original funding target due to popular demand.

?Landmines and other hazardous ordnance present a huge humanitarian and commercial challenge for demining organisations around the world, but Disarmco clearly has a competitive edge and the commercial and technical skills to become a leader in this field.”

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