Name: Lara Morgan

Age: 43?

Company:“I’started Pacific Direct as a sole trader back in 1991, and sold it for £20m in 2008. I launched Company Shortcuts?this year,?providing frameworks and templates to help businesses grow faster.

First job:?7-Eleven convenience store.

Dream job: Prime Minister.

Car: Volkswagen golf diesel.

Economy, business or first class: Economy only. The Morgan children have not yet earned the privilege of flying first class.

Most extravagant purchase: A diamond ring (which I lost).

Most-played song on your iPod: I keep meaning to listen to music on my iPod but I haven’t yet bothered.

Best business book many to pick from: How to become a rainmaker by Jeffrey J Fox.

Worst business moment: 2003 redundancy round cut once, cut deep but the scars are long lasting.

Proudest business moment: Signing off the sale of Pacific Direct.

Your business mentor: I have too many valuable mentors to name. I never paid them formally but always imaginatively tried to pay back their brilliance.

Next big thing: Continual improvement of Company Shortcuts and ongoing active participation in supporting ambitious growth enterprises.

Lara Morgan is a speaker at the MADE Entrepreneur Festival and a judge at the Growing Business Awards.

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