Lara Morgan: Invest in yourself to drive wealth

Perhaps I should not be surprised that when budding entrepreneurs start to struggle with growth, their first thought is not to invest in their own personal development.  

Early stage unproven entrepreneurs can often juggle with huge success fast growth early start up driving sales, leading new product development, delivering product and service, leading by example getting their hands dirty and generally building a solid growth culture ? up to a point.  

Indeed it is the tried and tested players that survive these stresses and strains that we need most to invest in themselves so that they retain equity, the motivation and the desire to crack on ? whilst continually updating their own skill set and leadership competencies for the endless business demands that will follow.
Only when a company grows perhaps beyond the 7-8 direct people reports stage does the founder start to struggle with the daily, at the coal face demands, continually battling the day to day ? when a step back, a review of one?s own performance could be the best invested time to revise a clear strategic intent and to re?ignite the focus and clarity of mind to make decisions.
Companies only very rarely evolve sticking to the same master plan which was the product devised at the outset. To maximise value and to smooth the road to successful, sustainable profitable growth you have to continually upgrade your own toolkit as well as your awareness of other products and processes that you might bring back to build your company more efficiently.

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