Lara Morgan: Invest in yourself to drive wealth

Reading business magazines is a must, but networking, being involved in your sector associations, exposing yourself to sector events and indeed to other business developments in digital, marketing, tech and the endless ongoing inventions that drive business effectiveness must be part of a leaders focus. Success cannot simply come from a blinkered focus on your singular strategy. Focus is critical, having a niche proposition valuable but staying ahead of the game is equally mandatory.
A few basic suggestions that will invariable help you maximise value are as follows:?

1.?It is very easy in hindsight to suggest clever ploys like setting up a data-room from day one to recover critical information when you exit perhaps years later.

2.?It is also easy to suggest that you document process and marketplace information when at the early stage you are simply trying to keep pace with the demands of successful growth. ?Worst case build processes that maximise the data capture value.

3.?The sooner you develop a sales bible the more able you will be to grow your sales engine.?Foundations for systems and process should not I hope delay sales opportunities.?

After all admin is surely why God gave entrepreneurs Saturdays and Sundays??? Equally, the more I am involved in start-up I realise that my near disregard for systemising might have been why we achieved such superior speedy growth, flying by the seat of our pants to get stuff done.

I do not regret ever the prioritisation of the sales effort and indeed throughout the early stage of the business scrapped to get any other support services sorted ? with a continual one eye focused on sales growth and customer service expertise.

4.?I am eternally amazed and fundamentally disappointed by te lack of ambition amongst British entrepreneurs and day dreamers whom are not really willing to graft, working both ends of the days to relentlessly drive their opportunities to fruition.

Companies who do not invest in their own leadership have not understood the critical value that this leadership must return.?
Hear Lara Morgan speak at the Business Accelerator event on 29th April 2014 at The Millbank Media Centre in London, organised by?Company Shortcuts.??


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