Lara Morgan’s seven tips for a happy day at work

Other than being utterly paranoid about the business as a whole (I think in a healthy, determined, ever-improving way), I remained dedicated to looking after myself as much as possible in the pursuit of happy days at work. 

Try and keep a happy face on, even on the tough days. These are some of my strategies; you may find they can help you too.

  • Start the day positively every day.
  • Dont make a habit of exhaustingly long days. Never go to bed with important or urgent matters outstanding. I do not work till the wee small hours (unless it’s critical); if you do, something has gone wrong in planning. Rewrite your priority action list at the end of every day and give your brain a chance to wind down my method was watching the news.
  • Immediately someone else presents you with a problem, consider it an opportunity this mindset itself drives solutions thinking.
  • Drink loads of water and try to avoid the mid-afternoon coffee-kick habit.
  • Every day at Pacific Direct started with an inspirational quote, and I bought all sorts of things to provide the quote of the day. The small boosts and lateral thinking brought about by this were, I think, immeasurable. Try it.
  • Overall I have always had an attitude of gratitude in fact, I would take it further than this. I would say I have an overwhelming sense of optimism, though balanced with a street-wise scepticism. Seeing the plus side of everything will stand you in good stead.
  • Never become complacent and you can guarantee new challenges each day. The complacent are soon overtaken; fun diminishes when you are not in the front.
This extract is taken from More balls than most Lara Morgan, 2011 (published by Infinite Ideas). Lara is founder of Company Shortcuts ” a consultancy dedicated to excellence in sales and leadership.

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