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Launchpad: Neuro Drinks

What is it” So much more than just a range of soft drinks, Neuro is a lifestyle choice originating in California and now available in selected retailers in the UK.

Who is it aimed at” Young, beautiful people with a 24/7 lifestyle who aspire to a more glamourous way of life, without compromising their health and wellbeing. Or, in other words, Californians.

What’s the point”The range of Neuro drinks is designed to enhance and support all aspects of a busy lifestyle. Each variant is designed to boost mental or physical performance depending on your specific needs throughout the day – from making you alert in the morning to helping you sleep at night. The names make the benefits of each product perfectly clear – Neuro Bliss reduces stress, Neuro Sonic improves mental performance, whereas Neuro Gasm is designed to improve performance of a different kind…

How is it different” Unlike unhealthy energy drinks, Neuro products claim to contain essential nutrients and natural actives that actually enhance health and wellbeing. Perhaps more uniquely though, Neuro is a not-for-profit organisation, on a mission to counter lifestyle-related health issues.

Who thinks it’s a good ideaApparently A-list Hollywood celebrities including Lindsay Lohan swear by it. Diana Jenkins, founder and CEO of Neuro believes she has created a “healthy and chic lifestyle culture” that is accessible to mere mortals like you and me.

What could possibly go wrong” The energy and functional drinks market is extremely competitive so gaining cut-through will be tough. Neuro sits somewhere between Vitamin Water and Red Bull, two strong brands with plenty of marketing muscle behind them. However, a bigger issue is the packaging, which looks like a cross between a shampoo bottle and a lava lamp. It hardly shouts “chic lifestyle culture”.

Is Neuro a no-brainer”This sector of the soft drinks market has seen many a brand launched and fail over the past few years. However, Neuro feels like something genuinely different – a distinct concept executed in an interesting and novel way. If you see it, you’ll remember it and may well be tempted to give it a try. However, the brand will need to spend its limited marketing support wisely to create awareness whilst making it aspirational for the beautiful people, instead of becoming a refuge for tired lorry drivers.

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Justin Wright is a founder of Mangrove Consulting, a specialist innovation consultancy advising companies on how to grow through innovation and entrepreneurship, and is a director of several small businesses. His life has not been the same since the launch of the 5 blade razor – he finds it hard to remember what life was like with only 4 blades…


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