Lawyers ditch practice to follow passion for fashion

The business, which also runs events, provides a high-level of service to clients who want help with their wardrobe, and is gaining 100 new customers per month.

Customers can see Rous and Iland at any time of the day and they’re also available on the phone. “There are lots of fashion boutiques out there. But there’s nobody that provides this type of service,” Rous says.

Rous and Iland met while working at law firm Clifford Chance and they funded the business with money they’d saved while working as lawyers. Rous notes: “We now have a small overdraft – our cash flow spikes and drops – but we’re otherwise 100 per cent owned.”

However, she doesn’t rule out taking on external finance in the future: “If there was somebody who we thought would bring something to the business that we couldn’t, we’d consider taking them on. But it’s a question of finding the right person or people.”

Rous Iland have members all over the world and one showroom in London. Rous wants to grow the business organically and open additional showrooms in the US, Australia and continental Europe.

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