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My last role within corporate, I was working as a managing director for the UK’s largest TV post-production house. The 12-month interim role was intended to be transformative, for the business and the people involved.

In order to change the way people behave, we need to change the way they think we ultimately need to change their minds.

One of my end of year favourite exercises is to issue each member of staff with a questionnaire to help them bring into their consciousness their achievements over the year.

Too often our achievements get lost in the melee of life but if we want to build self-esteem and confidence, it’s important to honour our wins!

You are not the same person who entered 2018, you’ve been influenced and shaped and adapted by a myriad of new and unforeseen circumstances crossing your path.

Some 95% of what we do is actually driven by our unconscious mind. Let me put it another way… You might think you know what you’re doing but your actions are being driven by an assortment of old memories, conditioning and beliefs, from behind the scenes.

Many of which have been passed from your family, peers, media and influential people in your life, like teachers, nanny’s, employers etc.

So let’s get this right, you are a walking manifestation of what you believe to be true. Many of your beliefs will have changed as you’ve grown.

When you were five years of age you probably thought the world was a big playground. In your teens you believed you could change the world and old people were fools. Each decade we can track a new belief system.

Knowing your beliefs and checking whether they serve who you want to be today, is a discipline I encourage for my clients whether arriving with business or personal goals.

So this year help your teams to understand themselves. This questionnaire is designed to help your people to be in their best shape, to review their year and create an up-levelled 2019!

What is the one thing I have done in 2018 that has surprised me about myself
What did I learn about myself
How will I utilise this learning in the coming year?

What is my greatest failure in 2018?
What are the lessons to help me prevent this happening in the future
How can I use these lessons to be a better version of myself in 2019i?

If I could change one thing this year, what would it be
What did I learn?

What is the one thing that I am willing to do to step up into the best version of myself, that I haven?t yet done

Where is my career going and what, specifically, am I doing to take it there

Feel free to add your own open questions, the kind that get us thinking. Questions that lead to new realisations and behaviours.

We cannot change, or solve a problem, from the same consciousness it was created. This is a simple and fun way to help yourself and your team grow awareness, motivation and ultimately, self-mastery.


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