Leave or Remain? EU debate tweet round-up and one northern entrepreneur’s thoughts

Real Business was invited by Sage to attend its EU Debate in Newcastle, where it had assembled an audience of local SME owners and leaders to gauge their thoughts on the referendum.

Ahead of the debate itself, audience members were asked to reveal whether they were keen to remain in the EU.

This was the outcome.

As you can see, at 63 per cent, an overwhelming majority said they wanted to remain in the EU.

However, by the end of the debate, while the remain camp was still dominating, leave had gained more support and there were fewer people sitting on the fence.

But what prompted them to change their minds? Here are the key comments made that we captured during the debate.



How do you feel after that?

If you?re still undecided, David Van Der Velde, MD of small digital agency Consult and Design gives three main reasons that business leaders should vote to remain on the next page.

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