Levi Roots’ Caribbean Smokehouse restaurant equipped with tech to spice up dining

Flypay, which secured a £7m investment from media group Time Out in July 2015, is the company responsible for the pay-at-table service which can be found in the Caribbean Smokehouse app.

Its tech will allow diners at the new venue to pay for their meals in-app, rather than wait for a waiter to arrive. Bills are updated in real-time, while customers can also choose to split the bill and pay tips via the service.

Elsewhere, Call Systems Technology has integrated queue management tech into the app to notify customers how long the wait will be and when the table is ready.

The decision to equip the Caribbean Smokehouse restaurant with tech was in a bid to deliver a “complete digital footprint of the entire customer journey”, while the goal is to deliver food in between six to eight minutes.

Additionally, the business will be able to track each part of the diner’s time at the restaurant and monitor performance of staff as a result.

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“My dream has always been to open my own restaurant serving fabulicious, authentic Caribbean food which would make my grandmother proud, and to say it is finally a reality is just incredible,” said Roots of the restaurant opening.

“Alongside great food and great music, Steve Phillips our head of operations, had the vision to recognise that technology could play a key role in enhancing the Caribbean Smokehouse experience. It is due to his knowledge and expertise that we’ve been able to explore and showcase our innovative spirit by building it into the bones of the business.”

He added the aim is provide the restaurant’s customers with “the most amazing, ‘lowdahmercy’ experience from start to finish”, claiming that the tech offers “that final bit of spice to our menu.”

Tom Weaver, CEO, Flypay, said all of the parties can together to produce a “transformational” result.

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