LinkedIn wants to “kill the cold call”

Its new product, Sales Navigator, is a data-driven platform which it says will make it easier for sellers to keep updated with key accounts and build closer relationships.

The subscription fees start at $60 (?36) per month, with lower charges for multiple users on a corporate account. 

Kevin Scott, head of sales solutions EMEA at LinkedIn said, “LinkedIn has already transformed the recruitment industry, and we now have our sights firmly set on revolutionising the sales profession.

?The way products are bought and sold in a professional context has fundamentally changed, largely thanks to social media and access to information buyers now have.

?Our professional network of over 300m members worldwide is extremely well placed to help transform the buyer-seller relationship, improving the experience for everyone involved and, ultimately, kill the cold call.?

It’s hard to envision a business world where cold calling is banished forever, but this is certainly an interesting development, at least for salespeople. Potential customers who can now presumably expect a lot more contact from sellers might not be so thrilled. 

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