List of the Coalition’s business ambassadors

In November 2010, David Cameron, the prime minister, announced the Coalition government’s new business ambassadors. Here is the full list, with hyperlinked biographies.

The business ambassadors are:

In specific terms, the role of business ambassadors will:

  • When travelling on business, carry out priority meetings at the request of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), for example lobbying to remove barriers to market access or leading events for SMEs;
  • Undertake dedicated overseas visits or lead missions in agreement with UKTI;
  • Brief UK Ministers and Ambassadors on key business priorities and interests as they might arise;
  • Meet overseas Ministers and inward missions;
  • Provide insights into how UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) can best deliver for business;
  • Contribute to Government-to-Government dialogues with China, India, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and other key markets.

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