Before you cry “JUNKET!”, let me tell you this highly relevant excursion is being hosted by Courvoisier, purveyor of fine cognac, to launch its Future 500 campaign. The campaign is to find the future 500 UK stars of business and the press trip will provide “a great backdrop to experience and find out first-hand the pleasures of being a successful entrepreneur”, according to the PR co-ordinating the trip.

And you know, I think it’s just what is needed. I mean, too often the media focuses on the actual work done by the country’s business stars. But even the most dedicated entrepreneur needs time off and what they do when they’re not wheeling and dealing is anybody’s guess.

I’m just pleased that after this trip I’ll be able to provide a more considerate and detailed insight into their lifestyle, a lifestyle that, according to the schedule, involves being wined and dined at the Courvoisier Chateau in Jarnac, and sampling L’Esprit de COURVOISIER – a cognac so exclusive that part of its name is in CAPITALS (never mind the fact it retails at £5,000 a bottle).

Anyways, popping my Real FD hat back on, I’ve got to thinking what the life of a successful finance director entails.

Is it all private jets, chateaux and cognac?

Is it more exciting than that?

Does our 2008 FDs’ FD of the Year Paul Taylor wield a gold-encrusted calculator when he’s strolling the halls of Aveva?

After a hard day at BT, is Hanif Lalani fed peeled grapes by bikini-clad slaves, as he reclines on a bed of peacock feathers on the top deck of BT Tower?

Successful finance directors: if you dare break rank to give us mere mortals an insight into your world, we would be honoured if you could leave your observations of the high life below.

For those living outside the world of a top-class FD, I’m curious to know what you think life at the top of the finance function is like.

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