?Local councils: we need help!?

“All local councils should provide one clear policy on home working on their websites,” says Hurley, the CEO of marketing consultancy YTKO and leader of Enterprising Women. “And they should include advice on notifying your mortgage and insurance providers and whether you need to pay rates or require planning permission.

“The definition of what constitutes a home office is still vague, and interpretation of the rules and regulations governing home-based businesses varies from county to county.”

Hurley believes that this would give female entrepreneurs across the country a much-needed leg up. “Many women start up their own businesses when their children are young – so it makes sense for them to do it from home.”

She’s right: almost half (44 per cent) of all the business women registered with the Enterprising Women community are mothers, with children of pre-school or school-age.

A little extra support from councils wouldn’t just impact home-based female firms – it would benefit local economies. “Home-based businesses keep money in the local area and help reduce environmental impact.”

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