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London edition: 7 events to attend during Global Entrepreneurship Week

For the seventh year running, Global Entrepreneurship Week is set to inspire entrepreneurs to launch start-ups while also exploring programs and policies to help firms scale. And in a two-part article, Real Business will delve into the numerous activities offered during that time and, starting in London, will pull out some of the events we feel would be the most beneficial for SMEs.

Here’s our seven-strong list:


(18 November)

Networking is about making connections and building mutually beneficial relationships. But sometimes it’s hard to be thrown into the deep end and make your business stand out with so many people in the room. That’s why SMEs need to consider how to develop their networking skills in advance. After all, you never know where the next business opportunity will come from.

Intellectual property: Patents

(19 November)

SMEs, which have been shown to be important sources of employment
growth and innovation, make up a major share of firms in the economy. And with their recent focus on international trade, it increases the necessity to secure IP. Patents can go a long way in giving smaller business an advantage over bigger ones, or even forging partnerships between them.

Brand and deliver – your business is your life

(20 November)

Every business needs a brand identity. Your logo and even your sense of purpose are truly powerful tools. And if you get it right, they can work wonders for you. This will not only help increase sales, but good branding elevates and differentiates your product or service from competitors. But most importantly, consumers will remember you.

Introduction to online selling

(20 November)

It is shocking how many SMEs still avoid the digital space. But you need to realise that in order for your business to be visible, you need to be online. And in order to appeal, you need to be on all the right platforms, offering the right experience. Furthermore, being online will help you to expand globally.

Changing the world for good with your Ideas and research!?

(20 November)

Never give up on an idea! Although your ideas as academics may not be exploited commercially; they can create great social impact in society. While sticking to your guns, you could come across research that could really make a difference in a world. By finding out what to do with studies and research, you could do something bigger than just make cash, which is why this activity has been added to the list.

The power of your words (press, radio and TV)

(21 November)

Over the last decade, businesses have heavily invested in marketing, finding more unique ways to get the consumer interested in what they’re offering. However, the most traditional methods, such as word of mouth, often have a bigger impact. But let’s not forget the written word either. A well-written press release or online content also has the ability to boost your reputation.


Develop your brand voice

(26 November)

The demand for small business owners to communicate their business effectively in a variety of different mediums has never been so high,” it says in the event brief. We couldn’t agree more. Through content and social media, brands need to strategically engage in meaningful conversations with consumers. Recent research even points out that more consumers would would pick a local SME over a bigger brand, if only they engaged more openly.

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