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London’s most eligible startup CEOs

Regular readers of mine will know that for the last four years I’ve been on a one-man mission to inject some traditional British tabloid values into tech reporting. So, after the extraordinary reception to the Gold-digger’s Guide to London VCs from the investor community last week (and by extraordinary reception?, I mean they bitched about it on Twitter while secretly forwarding it around furiously no use denying it guys, your colleagues told us!), Real Business asked if I’d repeat the exercise for the real stars of the tech scene: the entrepreneurs.

We selected a panel of five partnered-up founders and asked them to rank a shortlist of their peers according to looks, personality and prospects. Here are the results, starting with numbers 15 to six. The top five are on page two, below. (Plus don’t miss out the “Done Deals”: those that got away!)

15. Simon Prockter, Housebites

Simon Prockter

For those women who want to marry fast and get widowed young, Simon Prockter offered himself for consideration in this list. Simon’s latest venture is Housebites, a food delivery service that offers high quality, professional chef-cooked meals direct to your door. If only love came to order like that! (Follow Simon on Twitter.)

14. Alexandra Chong, Luluvise

Alexandra Chong

Blonde bombshell Alexandra Chong is yet to unleash her startup on the world, but she makes this list on the strength of the staggering number of nominations she received from lusty boys. If her business plan is anything like as well put together as her beauty regime, this girl will go far. (Follow Alexandra on Twitter.)

13. Charlie Muirhead, Rightster

Charlie Muirhead

When an entrepreneur gets his own Wikipedia page, you know you’ve stumbled upon a keeper. Sure enough, Muirhead has been selected twice as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and currently heads up Rightster, a video rights and distribution system. (Follow Charlie on Twitter.)

12. Poppy Dinsey, What I Wore Today

Poppy Dinsey

Poppy Dinsey exploded onto the national radar this year when she turned her successful blog, What I Wore Today, into a business, encouraging others to post their daily ensemble choices. But she’s not as narcissistic as that might imply, preferring to cuddle up at home with a cuppa and an episode of Dr Who. (Follow Poppy on Twitter.)

11. Greg Marsh, onefinestay

Greg Marsh

There’s a whiff of Hugh Grant about ladies” favourite Greg Marsh, a floppy-haired former venture capitalist. Marsh’s latest venture is something akin to an upmarket airbnb, which allows owners of high-class properties to rent them out for a bit of extra cash. (Follow Greg on Twitter.)

10. Al?na Dundas, Gymdeck

Aléna Dundas

Al?na Dundas was described by the chair of our panel as ‘sex on legs?. More demure than the photograph above suggests, Dundas is a sophisticated dame who enjoys Balearic beats and plenty of exercise as she promotes her start-up, a fitness-related time management app. This is the girl plunging summer dresses are made for. (Follow Al?na on Twitter.)

9. Rich Martell, Floxx

Rich Martell

Founder of Floxx (formerly FitFinder), Rich Martell is a model rugby-playing beefcake. Fortunately for his backers, who include Doug Richard, Martell is a smart cookie too. With a great nose for PR and an impressive team around him, something tells us Rich’s media appearances and professional success are only going to get more impressive. (Follow Rich on Twitter.)

8. Malcolm Scovil, LeapCR

Malcolm Scovil

Carolinian crumpet Malcolm Scovil, in addition to founding red-hot startup LeapCR, possesses an achingly dreamy American drawl. We defy you to hear it and not be smitten. Now based in London, Scovil is one of life’s givers: his platform facilitates corporate social responsibility and rarely a day goes by without our Mal finding a way to have fun while doing good. As we went to press there were whispers of a lady on the horizon, so prospective suitors should probably act fast. (Follow Malcolm on Twitter.)

7. David Langer, GroupSpaces?

David Langer

Pictured here posing for a nude charity calendar organised, as it happens, by your humble correspondent on a Soho rooftop in 2009, David Langer is by a considerable margin the most perky entrepreneur on our list. Headed up by a keen triathlete, David’s company GroupSpaces has amassed an all-star roster of investors. The flame-haired hunk notoriously keeps his troops, including mischievous co-founder Andy Young, in a line as firm as those around his sculpted abs. (Follow David on Twitter.)

6. Emi Gal, Brainient

Emi Gal

Former child TV star Emi Gal escaped from what looked to be an inevitable career in Romanian reality television to start video monetisation company Brainient. Straight out of the Red Shoe Diaries, Emi has adjusted remarkably well to life in western civilisation, scooping investment from some top Silicon Valley names and hosting upmarket drinks parties at his well-appointed Mayfair home. (Follow Emi on Twitter.)

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