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The Apprentice winner Mark Wright is the founder of digital marketing company Climb Online, and it was in 2016 that he decided to open the business in Bristol with a dedicated office.

“The overarching growth strategy for Climb Online is to expand into key locations across the UK and overseas. After some initial research, we found Bristol to be one of the UK’s most vibrant and successful cities for both established and startup businesses and therefore felt it would provide real potential as an out-of-London office location,” Wright told Real Business.

“The Bristol office opened at the end of October 2016 and has so far has surpassed growth expectation.

Bristol and the south west is an exciting environment for growing a new business. From a digital marketing perspective, we are fortunate that there are so many startups and established businesses?looking to grow, who are also open to collaborating with others.

Wright and the team have secured referrals from businesses in the city, which he believes shows a sense of genuine community, with SME owners looking out for each other.

Bristol is a vibrant place that boasts a real entrepreneurial spirit as such, the city is home to a vast range of startups and established SMEs, hungry for peer-to-peer engagement and business growth,” he explained.

Business in Bristol
Climb Online has found a great deal of local entrepreneurs are young
“This demonstrated by the fact Climb Online Bristol has such a mix of clients, many of which are younger?business owners setting up their first venture with Bristol very much their entrepreneurial playground .

He went on to highlight excellent” transport links that cost a fraction of travel in London and added the entrepreneurs appear more dedicated.

?What’s more, there is a better and perhaps more dedicated business community, who attend regular business-related events and offer peer support with growth and development,” he said, but insisted there are still improvements, such as openness, to be found.

?For every business owner that is open-minded and willing to collaborate with others, there are still many which aren?t,” Wright revealed.

“Climb Online Bristol boasts some great examples of collaboration where all parties win but, ultimately, there are a vast number businesses that remain set in their ways and/or existing processes, which in turn is affecting their growth.

Next, we talked with Rory Perriment, who is hoping to make the city tastier than ever with the launch of Burger Theory.

He and his co-founders chose to do business in Bristol for its street food scene, which he called ?bustling?, providing opportunities for vendors.

“It’s an exciting environment, and to launch our first restaurant in the UK’s food capital was a brilliant opportunity,” Perriment said. With our street food side of the business, we ve worked across the UK in a variety of locations, but no area quite has the buzz and opportunity of Bristol.

Business in Bristol Burger Theory
Stiff competition keeps Burger Theory innovating
Despite that opportunity, running a food business is competitive, he detailed, but that just encourages the team to work even harder.

“It drives us to keep innovating and to provide the best service to our customers, and also encourages us to be experimental in the food we make. Bristol is great place for a new?business to grow,” Perriment said.

?Everyone is very supportive of each other in the Bristol business community, and through working on Burger Theory I have made lots of friends with other business owners.

“This creates a nice environment for new startup businesses and there’s a real sense that everyone wants to support each other to make the Bristol business scene prosper and thrive.

Interestingly, the business started off in Bristol, but moved to Wales for a permanent fixture at Kongs in Cardiff, a bar complete with table tennis, arcade games, table football and, now, a Burger Theory kitchen.

“In December of last year, we moved into Kongs of Cardiff to run one of our kitchens on a permanent basis,” he said.

As for London, Bristol has all of the action without the stress business owners are happy to help one another and the community spirit is felt by our customers.

“It’s nice to be able to get to know our regulars and see an immediate reaction to our new products and techniques. There’s a buzzing food scene here in Bristol?that we love being a part of.

All of the leaders we spoke with clearly feel passionate about running a business in Bristol, regardless of whether they?ve been there since day one or expanded into the city. But where do you feel passionate about” Let us know which city or town you want to see for our next Look Beyond London via @Real_Business?or Zen.Terrelonge@realbusiness.co.uk

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