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Loyalty for all…announcing the exciting new launch of Prosper Loyalty

Prosper Loyalty

We are experiencing an unprecedented time of change. Economic pressures and intentional crisis across Europe have all contributed to tough times for many businesses and consumers in the UK.

As a result of having less, customers are more likely to shop around, more likely switch their spend to competitors and can ultimately no longer afford to be as loyal as they once were.

Competition continues to intensify as a result, at the worst time for many businesses. Giving people a reason to choose you and making them feel engaged and rewarded for doing so, has never been more important.

As a result, many marketing tools aren’t delivering the engagement and ultimately sales needed. Many businesses are struggling to maintain, let alone grow their sales.

Loyalty has never been more important, but loyalty programmes, solutions or campaigns have historically been used exclusively by big industry players, demanding significant investment to ensure the right outcome. But what if there was a way that businesses of any sector, big or small could use loyalty as a both a driver of significant growth and a way to better connect and engage with their most valuable customers?

At Prosper Loyalty we believe that every business can reward their customers in a more meaningful way, in order to both drive sales and retain customers… for the long term.

Born from our successful sister company Prosper2, we are a fast growing and ambitious new enterprise that has already worked with a range of clients and sectors from smaller SME to big corporates such as Samsung.

We use our unique payment card system to design bespoke loyalty Mastercard programmes using instantly redeemable points that can be used at millions of locations worldwide. This exclusive setup is what makes our campaigns so effective. Our solution is unique and completely scalable to a business of any size. Our collaborative solutions are tailored and owned by you, giving you your very own reward programme, campaign or incentive.

And as an added benefit cardholders can also opt in to receive discounts and earn additional points on purchases with over a thousand leading retailers.

By rewarding customers with the most attractive incentive possible, we give customers a worthwhile reason to spend more with our clients, more often.

Other large scale loyalty schemes tend to reward customers with small discounts or money off vouchers. They also often employ a closed loop system, meaning that the reward/discount or offer has to be spent exclusively with them.

We have seen that by offering customers a more significant reward that can be used anywhere, in the way they wish, we can generate some incredible commercial and brand results. We typically generate up to a significant overall sales increase resulting in a true commercial difference for your business that lasts over the long term and is a true differentiator versus your competition.

So far, we are proud to have issued over 100 million reward points to customers who have become passionate and loyal brand ambassadors for our partners businesses. We are proud to invite you to join us our mission to make loyalty the key driver of business growth for companies big or small.

Prosper Loyalty team

For any queries please contact us at: [email protected]

About Prosper Loyalty

We believe that every business, no matter how big or small, can reward their customers in a more meaningful way in order to both drive sales and retain your most important customers… for the long term. We are a fast growing and ambitious loyalty company who have delivered over 100 million reward points with thousands of businesses from small SME’s to larger corporate businesses such as Samsung.



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