Luck not an important factor in success, say business owners

But what role does luck play in business success? According to Britain’s small business owners, not a lot.

A survey published today by accounting software providers Sage One, found that 72 per cent didn’t believe luck was important in business success.

Instead, 80 per cent said that customer service was key to success and 55 per cent put their faith in the power of a robust business plan.

?With growth comes opportunity, but you have to be ready to take advantage of it,? said Claire Carter, head of Sage One.

?Luck will only take you so far. But if you have a good understanding of your firms? finances and operations you can act decisively with confidence and turn a situation into a lucky one.?

Perhaps unsurprisingly those who had recently been going through a bad patch financially were more likely to say bad luck was a factor.

Carter added: ?There will always be a role for luck in business ? that chance meeting or new product that comes out of a mistake for example. But the people getting ahead are those that load the dice in their favour.

?Business success is built upon sound planning, understanding, and agility. The days of the Del Boy wheeler dealer are numbered.?

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