Luke Johnson on Real Business

Serial entrepreneur, investor and Renaissance businessman Luke Johnson devotes his column in the FT today to the quality of business coverage across the UK broadsheets and magazines.

"I get news, inspiration, ideas and contacts from them, and even contribute the occasional article. And now one of my retailers sells a wider range of titles than anyone else. So I’m excited to see that, in spite of the pressure on print publications from digital media, there is a rash of launches here and in the US."

And guess who comes out top in Johnson’s review of the business magazines? Verbatim: "For entrepreneurs the best British read is Real Business." He is, for sure, a man of fine taste.

We’ll take on board Johnson’s view that RB can learn from the peerless Inc, the US entrepreneur’s title that defines brilliant coverage in our sector, but we’re delighted to receive this praise from an educated critic.

Elsewhere, Johnson is full of respect for the US edition of the Wall Street Journal (now published in the UK) and, like the rest of us, is intrigued to see whether Spectator Business can bring its sister title’s flair and hinterland to its business coverage.

For the full version of Johnson’s article, click here.

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