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Reasons to make your business more charitable next Christmas

Everyone can agree that giving money to charity is a nice thing to do and the Christmas period is an ideal time in which to do it.

People are feeling all warm and fuzzy, and in this spirit of festive togetherness, are more likely to give to charity than they are at other times of the year.

This is when businesses are more likely to give to charity too.

For smaller companies on tighter budgets, the idea of allocating money to things beyond already stretched offices resources can be a challenge.

But doing so can be great public PR for your company. Looking like a benevolent and impact-driven company is ALWAYS a good thing, as it can make both consumers and stakeholders more receptive to your brand.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at these five major ways giving to charity can boost your business.

1) Exposure

Whether your company is sponsoring a charity, or if a number of your employees are volunteering for a charitable initiative, your brand will gain public exposure as a result.

Shouting out loud and proud about your charitable bent provides you with some social media opportunities too.

Whilst you’re advertising your support for your chosen charity or charitable event over social media, your company will be also getting a nice plug in the process.

All this screams benevolence, happy staff, mission and impact elements that make a business look attractive and productive to others.

2) The likeability factor

We are more likely to buy goods and services from a brand that we like.

Humans are emotive creatures, and connections and sentiment drive our emotions as well as our spending habits.

Some 85% of us view a business more positively if it gives something back socially. So by marketing yourself as a business with a conscience, you can increase customer loyalty and attraction to your brand.

You can undertake some simple marketing research to see what social causes yourcustomers most like to support, and support those causes (very publically) in turn!

All it takes is a few hours surfing social channels such as Twitter and Facebook to see what social causes or organisations your target customers follow or comment about.

Doing this will stimulate an emotional connection between your customers and your business which goes beyond a merely transactional one.

You could also make a start by integrating your business into your local community, including lending your support to local on-the-ground initiatives.

3) You’ll look more established and successful

If you create the impression that you’re able to give money to charity, you’ll look like a successful business that has the financial capacity to do so.

Whether that financial backing is all smoke and mirrors or not, it will carry big traction with your consumers and could even attract potential investors to your business.

4) It will help you network

Attending charity events will lead you to meet other sponsors from a wide range of businesses and sectors.

Doing so means you have the potential to meet some influential people, and the kinds of people that could be interested in your business in some way.

5) You’ll raise staff morale

Pulling together as a team for a charitable cause or event will encourage unity and boost morale in your team.

It gives the chance for work colleagues to foster a partnership with each other that goes beyond the daily grind of work responsibilities.

It will also incentivise a number of ambitious or impact minded employees to remain loyal to your company, as they will see that you are about more than making profits.


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