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Making your 2017 business targets come to fruition

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16 January 2017

Looking at the 12 months ahead, this is the time when we set business targets and New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, so let's make them happen.

Unfortunately, many of our New Year’s resolutions get missed whether they are for personal achievement, such as weight loss and improved fitness levels or business targets such as increased market share, higher margins or new products.

I have been setting intentions and working with the laws of manifestation and attraction for over 20 years and have found a process that has helped me achieve success with reaching my personal goals and business targets.

Step one – Take your time to test your choices

Business targets or personal goals need to be thought out carefully. Take your time and keep your feet on the ground with a clear connection to reality as you work out what you want to achieve and be sure it’s what you really do want!

Doubling your turnover or bringing out four new product lines might seem appealing but do you have the energy and the cash to achieve this?

Whatever you put out as your vision of what you want will be matched as long as it does you no harm and as long as it’s done fearlessly.

Make sure it sounds right and comes from confidence; check that it is your personal choice and not a goal that you feel you ought to be chasing; does it ring true when you share your plan with a supportive staff member or friend.

Once passing these tests, you can take business targets forward.

Step two – Put pen to paper

Write down, draw a sketch or set out a spreadsheet showing your business targets. Own it and visualise yourself achieving it.

Putting your thoughts onto paper brings your dream one step further into reality and will anchor your plans into the dimension of action and activity rather than dreams and wannabe thoughts.

On the next page, read the final three steps, which detail how releasing control – and helium balloons – can help achieve business targets.

Step three – Moving forward with confidence and positivity

Never be reluctant to ask for help whether it be professional assistance in drawing up business targets and plans, speaking to people who have already been through what you are planning to do or seeking spiritual guidance for yourself and your goal-seeking.

Use whatever suits you and your beliefs. If you have religious associations then pray, if you meditate take it a step further and ask the universal forces and energies to bring positive vibes into your plans.

You are looking to get your ideas into a positive state for then they will attract a matching reality. You need to keep your thoughts positive and fearless whenever you focus on your plans as The Law of Attraction matches your vision and the energy it holds.

So, if you have doubts, re-evaluate your proposals and ask yourself if your plans will overstretch your ability or your resources and be big enough to adapt and change to keep them upbeat and achievable.

Keep visualising your success. I use symbols to help me visualise what I want – if it’s greater income I see gold coins flowing into my lap, if it’s success with a book I see piles of my book in bookshop windows, if its weight loss, I see a label for a smaller size and so on.

Step four – Get on with it

Now you can start to put your business targets into motion. This is not the time to prevaricate.

You have made your choice, you have tested it out and now you need to make the phone calls, join the breakfast networking group, draw up the creative specs, start the promotional campaigns etc. And continue to visualise your success!

Step five – Let go of controlling

You have set your business targets and started to make it happen; now you want to be free of yearning for your dream and rather be in the action of it.

You now need to release CONTROL, WANT, DESIRE and WISHING, all of which hold you in a needy state of mind.

To emphasise letting go of these mind-sets it is helpful to see yourself cutting through the cords to your vision and see it flowing off unhindered.

I visualise myself holding onto balloons that represent my dreams and goals then I see myself releasing them.

Better still buy some helium balloons and write your goals on them with a magic marker then have a letting go ceremony to release and let go; this will allow your intentions to be achieved or created in the best possible way.

Focus on determination and positive thinking and let the universal laws of manifestation and attraction work for you without hindrance of your doubts and emotions.

Of course, you will have challenges and upsets but if you can see every set back on the road to your goal as an opportunity to understand more about your business and yourself you will move forward wiser and stronger.

Anne Jones is an international author and key-note speaker, whose self-help books have been translated into 17 languages.

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