Managers need to be more considerate during summertime sadness

The report found employees are likely to worry about emails, and 55 per cent are preoccupied when on holiday by the thought of work piling up.

44 per cent expected to find a ‘dramatic’ workload when they came back from holiday, with 54 per cent worried about ‘hundreds of emails.’

Nearly one in three (32 per cent) feel expected to respond to calls and emails while on holiday.

Dr Tim Woodman, medical director at Bupa, said: This is particularly pertinent following the bank holiday when many workers will feel that they have to pack a full weeks work into just four days.

Ultimately two thirds (61 per cent) dread coming back to work after a holiday.

As a result, one in three had felt they had been stressed, anxious or depressed over the summer. Two in five (43 per cent) of employees feel spread too thinly during staff holiday season.

Wooden offers his advice for summer: Line managers should map out resources and annual leave effectively and monitor stress levels by planning-in regular one-to-ones with team members around holidays.

“Employees must be allowed to take their full annual leave entitlement and for that time-off to be a genuine break from work.”

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